Here is a link to my Soundcloud

The Psionic Auraculum is a hybrid multidimensional metaphysical and physical musical instrument that is used to produce my tracks. It is abstract and concrete at the same time. It is a co-creation between me and my friendly guides from the Otherworld and it took years to make it interface with this world

These tracks can be used for Shadow work and spiritual healing. Just as if you were about to embark on a psychedelic trip take a moment to set an intention before listening to them. For example, you might want the spirit evoked by the music to work on dissolving elements of your pain-body so that you can reclaim the split off consciousness trapped in the dark structures of your Shadow. You might simply set the intention to be for some kind of healing.

Become immersed in the dream experience of the track. Let your state be altered for the short journey of the track’s duration. As you listen to the music feel into your responses. Let your impressions flow and know that at each moment you are imprinting your experience into the medium of personal and universal consciousness.

As the music unfolds in time you are rendering your changing present moment experience into a living multidimensional astral sculpture that is growing from you and coming to life. By the end of the track the autonomous spirit (or servitor) you have co-created will come to life to perform your will as best it can. Repeated listening will allow you to amplify or change your intention. If your intention was sincere and you’re open to this you have a good chance of experiencing interesting results.