This blog is a showcase for my music, metaphysical speculations and magical techniques. I hope to inspire you, if you’re so inclined, to join in with experimentation and exploration. When it comes to metaphysical matters I should not be taken literally. The metaphysical Otherworld cannot be expressed in any literal physical manner but through the portal of imagination we can approach this realm using the living symbols of a mythology. I am experimenting with Otherworld communications through the offerings of my creative self expressions and experimental mythologies.

Although my metaphysical speculations and mythologies may not be a literal truth I do believe they point to something very real but beyond access to the physical senses. I present creative expressions as offerings to my friends in the Otherworld to begin a dialogue. The formless beings in this Otherworld are invited to take form through my creations and animate my works into living beings in this world. I’ll be elaborating on these themes and presenting my ideas and experiments for you to try.

One reason I create music is to bring about “gnosis” in the Chaos Magic sense of the word. Gnosis here refers to an altered state of consciousness that is good for use in magical workings. My musical tracks can be used to evoke or invoke helper spirits. The musical system I use to create with is in itself a multidimensional metaphysical instrument. It’s a rather abstract form but it is a living instrument that I have nicknamed the “Psiloscope”. It’s a sort of musical Tardis for inward journeys. Over the years my Otherworld collaborators have patiently helped me build and tune the Psiloscope. The Psiloscope is both metaphysical and physical in its construction. The musical tracks that are produced from it are living vehicles for spirits to express themselves. With sympathetic listening my musical tracks can invoke or evoke spiritual entities designed to help the listener explore the inner realms of the Otherworld.

  I hope you can come along for the ride but given my aesthetic proclivities this journey is not for everybody. And remember as playful as this is there is a real impact to this work of imagination. I look forward to meeting my fellow travelers. Welcome aboard!